How add a custom banner in Cognos Analytics

Cognos Analytics 11.1.x
Microsoft Windows server 2019

How alert Cognos users about a important change?

Add a banner that show when the user login to Cognos Connection portal.

Log in to Cognos Analytics as a administrator and click on Manage.

Click on Configuration.

Click on System.

Scroll down to Advance Settings, and fill in values for Custom settings.
Add Key: Glass.enableBanner and as Value, true. Click Apply button.

Repeat for your message text.
Add Key: Glass.bannerMessage and as Value, Your Message!!. Click Apply button.

Log out and in to Cognos Analytics to see the result.

You can click the X on the right to remove the message for this session.

You can set Glass.disableAlertBanner = true to disable the entire banner, or Glass.disableWhatsNewAlerts = true to disable only the Whats New messages in the banner.

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