Cognos Controller 10.4.2 FAP service
Microsoft Windows 2016 Server

When doing a FAP IP, there is a error message in the process:

Can not update TM1 since data trickle table was purged while the TM1 server was down, try doing a new initial publish to solve problem

Possible Solution:
Login to the FAP client program.
In the Data Marts tab click on STOP after you have selected your active data-mart.

In the Sources tab select your active database, and click on STOP.

Then in Sources tab click on START, this will set the Last Purged Index to 0.
Go to the Data Marts tab and click on START.

Go to the Logs tab and check mark “Update Automatically”.
Wait 30 min, to see that the FAP process works without errors.

More Information:
If above does not work, then you need to do a reset of the tables as this article:


Cognos Controller 10.4.2
Microsoft SQL database server

After a restore of a production database to a test environment, the users can not save anything from inside Cognos Controller client, in the test enviroment.

Error Message:….

Server was unable to precess request –> System.Exception: xbo….


Possible solution:
Check with the Database Administrator (DBA) if any thing have been done during the restore.

If the controller database index are dropped, then the users can not save from inside Cognos Controller.

Do a new restore of the Controller database and try again.

More information on restore of database:

BigFix Client
How install BES client on centos machine?


Copy the client and masthead files to the Centos computer.

The file you need for masthead is found in folder /var/opt/BESInstallers/Client on server where ILMT is installed.

On the target computer create the folder: mkdir /etc/opt/BESClient/

Copy the file to the target with scp command, you need to connect with a user that have access to the folders

scp root@centos74:/var/opt/BESInstallers/Client/actionsite.afxm  actionsite.afxm

Copy the client with command: scp root@centos74:/var/opt/BESInstallers/Client/BESAgent-  BESAgent-

You can also download the BES Client/Agent from

Install the client  rpm -ivh  BESAgent-

Start the client with command

/etc/init.d/besclient start

You can check if the BIGFIX (BES Client) is running with TOP command.





How manage the ILMT?

Setup the BigFix console on a windows computer to be able to manage the system.

Copy the console folder to your windows host with WinSCP, from /var/opt/BESInstallers/Console

Run the setup.exe to install the console on your windows computer

Login with user IEMAdmin (this was created during installation of the BigFix server)

If you get timeout errors, check that the firewalls allow port 52311 that is used by BigFix.

firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=52311/tcp

firewall-cmd --reload


If all software components are installed and configured on the server, this are the steps to activate the scan from BigFix console.

Start the BigFix console “C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Console\BESConsole.exe”

Click on sites – external sites – IBM license Reporting (ILMT)
Check that All computers are selected for Computer Subscriptions.

Check that Download IBM License Metric Tool have the computers listed. Click Take Action to change.

Go to Sites – External Sites – IBM License Reporting (ILMT) – Analyses
Check that this analyses are Activated for all your computers:

Go to Sites – External Sites – IBM License Reporting (ILMT) – Fixlets and tasks
Select Install or Upgrade Scanner, click Take Action to change any values.

Go to Sites – External Sites – IBM License Reporting (ILMT) – Fixlets and tasks
Select Initiate Software Scan and check that all computers are listed.

First time you need under Take Action select Target and Execution times and save.

Go to Sites – External Sites – IBM License Reporting (ILMT) – Fixlets and tasks

Select Upload Software Scan Results, click Take Action to select computers and execution time.

Go to Sites > External Sites > IBM License Reporting (ILMT) > Fixlets and Tasks

Select Run Capacity Scan and Upload Results

Press “Click here to schedule regular capacity scans and uploads of results.” to get to the Take Action dialog. Select your computers and set the execution time. Click OK to active.

Browse to your ILMT installation in your Chrome web browser.

Under management – Data Imports, click on Import Now.

Then go to Reports – Overview or Reports – Computers to see that all nodes are included.





More information:

Linux/UNIX For DOS Users (

Cognos Controller 10.4.2 if7
Microsoft Windows 2012 Server
How create a MST file to my Cognos Controller Client installation?

Suggested Solution:
Download msi45sdk.msi from Microsoft, and install it. You will find C:\Program Files (x86)\Orca\orca.exe to use.

Copy the ccrlocalclient64.msi to an empty folder on your computer.
You find ccrlocalclient64.msi in folder C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\ccr_64\webcontent\ccr
Start ORCA
Go File – Open and select your CCRLocalClient64.msi file.
Click Open.

To note the changes you do, you must first select Transform – New Transform

Scroll down to property, and on the right side click on WSSURL value field to update it with your Cognos Controller Server name.


To set that users should not be able to select database in controller client at login, instead use the database you have named “default”, add the property CHANGEDB

Right click on empty space and select Add Row

Click on the property row and enter the CHANGEDB word in the field below, as in picture.
Click on the value row and enter the value false.
When all values is filled in you click on OK button.

Go to Xmlfile

Right click on empty space and select Add Row

Fill in the values with this lines:



Values inside [ ] are variables that is replaced with the property value.

Click OK button.

Go to Transform – Generate Transform

Select folder to save the mst file in. Enter a name and click Save.

Exit ORCA without saving changes to CCrLocalClient64.msi file.

Put the msi and mst file in the same folder, and enter this command from that folder:

msiexec /i CCRLocalClient64.msi TRANSFORMS=production.mst /qb

Above command will install Cognos Controller client with your parameters in the mst file.

To uninstall cognos controller client, you can use this command:

MsiExec.exe   /x  {E1A50832-9F0C-4CE1-9A55-AAD8BF8A7700}  /qb

The number E1A50832-9F0C-4CE1-9A55-AAD8BF8A7700 you find in the property – productcode.

This is for the registry value of the installation.

Exist in this places in Windows registry:




There is a different productcode for each version of Cognos Controller Client.

More information:

Planning Analytics 2.0.9

Microsoft Windows 2019 server

How to stop a TM1 instance from other computer?

Suggested Solution:

Enter below in notepad++ and save as a powershell script named tm1script.ps1

#REM powershell script
#REM enter first the command then the tm1 instance
#REM Get-Service -ComputerName computername -Name servicename | Start-Service

#REM get the server name from a text file that you prepare before
$computers = Get-Content c:\temp\servers.txt

#REM get the command parameters
$action = $args[0]
$tm1instance = $args[1]

#REM if stop do this else do that
If ($action -eq “stop” )
{Get-Service -Computername $computers -Name $tm1instance | Stop-Service }
ElseIf ($action -eq “start” )
{Get-Service -Computername $computers -Name $tm1instance | Start-Service }

#REM if none of above, then enter a line in windows event log
write-eventlog -Computername $computers -logname Application -source EventSystem -eventID 1000 -message “something else happened.”

Create a text file with the servername for the windows server that you have tm1 installed on.

Place the text file in c:\temp folder on the computer where you want to run the script.

The account running the script need to be administrator on the target host machine to be able to connect and stop windows services.

Enter command: ./tm1script.ps1  stop “planning sample”

The tm1 instance need to be inside ” when it have a space in the name.

More information:

PowerShell Basics: ElseIf Statement

Microsoft Windows 2019

Message when you try to add a schedule


On the local server use Local Security Policy manager:

  1. Click START and type secpol.msc then press Enter
  2. Expand Security Settings > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment node
  3. Double click Log on as a batch job
  4. Click the Add User or Group button and add your service account user
  5. Click OK

You should use a service account that is part of the administrator group, to ensure it have rights to do the task you have in your cmd script file.

More Information:

Cognos Analytics 11.1.x
Microsoft Windows 2016 server

When you enter url http://servername/ibmcognos then you do not get logged into Cognos Analytics, instead you get a blank screen.


Add a rule to allow Cognos Analytics pages to load without a trailing slash in URL. Start IIS Manager and go to IBMCOGNOS.

  1. Click the ibmcognos alias.
  2. Double-click URL Rewrite
  3. Click Add Rules > Inbound Rules > Blank Rule
    • Name is Add Trailing Slash
    • Pattern is ^bi$
    • Action type is Redirect
    • Redirect URL is {R:0}/
    • Check Append query string.
    • Redirect type is Permanent (301)
    • Click Apply and Back to Rules.


More information:


Cognos Controller Web 10.4.2

User can not enter the date in a form. See / instead of – for the date format.

The date format is controlled by the Windows region settings in your laptop or on your citrix server.
Keep in mind that some date format is in the other order e.g. day-month-year can be month/day/year.

Go to control panel – region, to change the settings to Swedish if you want.

Other information:

Cognos Controller 10.4.2

After change of SQL server to Cognos Controller, ERO reports does not work.

Error message:

Ask the DBA to ensure that the SQL login (frango) you are using to the Controller database have the server roles: bulkadmin and public

You check what SQL login you are using in Cognos Controller Configuration.


More information:

Cognos Controller Web 10.4.2

When open a period to work with you get this error

Invalid forms
There are invalid forms for Submission 1. Please check the form definition and process the form layouts or contact your administrator

Suggested solution:
Check a other period and company if that works.
Can be that this period contains forms that you do not use, like forms that do not contain any accounts, they will not work in controller web.

More information:

To open a company for submission click on the z icon.