Cognos Controller 10.3.1
CONTRL_name=IBM Cognos Controller
Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 Server
Microsoft SQL 2012 database server

How setup a dedicated server that will only run the schedules consolidation jobs?

Suggested solution:
Install complete CA11 (Cognos Bi) on the main server, and get it working.
Install complete Cognos Controller 10.3.1 on the main server and get it working.
Instructions on how

On the secondary server, that should only do controller schedule jobs.
Install the prerequisite components like IIS and SQL drivers.
Download SQLNCLI from here

Install main Cognos Controller 10.3.1 on this secondary server.
Copy the SQL driver sqljdbc42.jar file to folder c:\program files\ibm\cognos\ccr_64.
Configure Controller Configuration to have one database connection to your main controller database. This will create the DATA folder.
Copy the UDL files from the main controller server to the consolidation server in folder c:\program files\ibm\cognos\ccr_64\data.
Configure Controller Configuration to COM+ server setup, as of documentation.
Start the Batch Service in Controller Configuration.
Enter the url to the first server, as Report Server values;
Report server:
Dispatcher URI:

Check that all the Cognos Controller services are installed.
Set IBM Cognos FAP Service and IBM Cognos Controller User Manager to Disabled.


Disable the IBM Cognos Controller Batch Service on the main controller server.
Check that IBM Cognos Controller Consolidation in Component Services is running when you do a scheduled consolidation.

If you do not have “IBM Cognos Controller User Manager” running on the same server where you have “IBM Cognos Controller Batch Service running”, then you can not schedule optimization of the Controller database – only schedule consolidation jobs.

Load balance as describe below, is not used in above setup;

IBM Cognos Controller Web is manually installed in above picture, on this consolidation server.

Cognos Enterprise Planning 10.2.1 PLANSVR=10.2.1000.1-0
Microsoft Windows 2016 Server

How move analyst folders from PROD to DEV server?

Locate where the files are on the server, normally in the same file share as the filesys.ini file.
Inside Analyst you find the path to filesys.ini from menu Tools – Options, read Active Filesys.ini file value.
Inside Analyst you find the path to your data from menu File – Administration – Maintain Libraries and Users, note down the path that is listed in this dialog.
Take a backup of the files in the BIN folder, that is mostly these files

From PROD copy the above files to DEV servers file share.
Rename folder containing any old planning analyst data files under folder \programs\ on the DEV server.
Copy all your planning data folders and files from PROD servers \\servername\planning$\programs\adaytum\… to your DEV server.
The path can be different in your setup.

Copy also the Locks.log and Logins.log files from the PROD to the DEV server in folder \\servername\planning$\bin\Locks.

On the DEV server open the filesys.ini file in NOTEPAD.
Edit the path to TAB and log files to match the new server.
change Libs=\\prodservername\planning$\bin\LIBS.TAB to Libs=\\devservername\planning$\bin\LIBS.TAB
change Locks=\\prodservername\planning$\bin\wct\..\Locks\Locks.log to Libs=\\devservername\planning$\bin\wct\..\Locks\Locks.log
change UGR=\\prodservername\planning$\bin\UGR.TAB to Libs=\\devservername\planning$\bin\UGR.TAB
Repeat for the top five lines to update.
Save your updated FILESYS.INI file on the DEV server.

Start Analyst against the DEV server and go into File – Administration – Maintain Libraries and Users dialog. Right click and select Change Library Path…
In dialog Replace Path Component enter below values:
Find String: \\prodservername\planning$
Replace with String: \\devservername\planning$
Click on Replace.

This will update the path to the data files in the LIBS.TAB file.
Click OK and exit Analyst.

Ask a different user to test Analyst in your DEV(test) environment to see that it worked.

User, Groups and Roles are stored in the UGR.TAB file.

In the Locks folder on the servers file share, you can see a USR00000.LOG file for each Planning Analyst user who have logged in.

More Information:

So, in order for users to see the expected set of libraries in Analyst, the Planning Store defined in Cognos Configuration needs to contain the correct filesys.ini path (this Planning Store entry can be viewed or updated via CAC, at: Tools>Update FileSys.Ini options); And the filesys.ini defined in Planning Store/CAC needs to point to the correct LIBS.TAB file, which in turn needs to contain the correct library location information.

Changes to library paths, and the adding or removal of a library from Analyst, are made in the ‘File’>’Maintain Libraries and Users’ dialog in Analyst, which writes these changes to the LIBS.TAB file at the location indicated in filesys.ini. Use of the ‘File’>’Maintain Libraries and Users’ dialog is the only supported way to modify LIBS.TAB.