How much disk space does PAW need?

Planning Analytics Workspace 74

TM1_name=IBM Cognos TM1

Microsoft Windows 2019 server


How much disk space do i need for PAW on my new server?


The install folder (where you downloaded the software) takes around 15 GB.

The PAW folder (where log files are) takes 10 GB.

The DOCKER folder (where the images are) takes around 52 GB.

The program folder for planning analytics takes 7 GB.

The folder for your TM1 instance – is very depending on your solution and how much data you have in TM1.

The Windows folder take around 18 GB.

Normally you have windows on C: and all the rest on your D: drive.

Recommendation is to have above 100 GB free on the C: and D: drive before you start.


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