PAW hang of wheel

Planning Analytics Workspace 63
Red Hat Linux 7

After you login to PAW with Internet Explorer, you get a stuck screen.


Use Chrome instead of IE.

The IE browser that comes with Windows server 2019 is not using Chrome engine as default.

More information:

To troubleshoot docker containers on Linux you can use this commands:

To change to root user:
sudo -i
To find all error files in the log folder (go to log folder first):
find . -print | grep -i error
To list all containers:
sudo docker ps -a
To list only the ID number for containers:
sudo docker ps -q
To show the last lines of a log file:
tail error.log
To move into a running container:
docker exec -it pa-gateway /bin/bash
To check space:

df -h

To exit out from a container: