Websheet is blank in PAW

Planning Analytics
Planning Analytics Workspace 63
Microsoft Windows 2019 server

In PAW, when you create a new book, and insert a Websheet from a TM1 application, you only get a blank box after a long time. This is in a new installation, where you are using the new TM1WEB service (IBM Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services).


You need to in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace Administration Tool ensure that the TM1 Application Server Gateway URI point to the new TM1WEB server and it correct port.

Change and save. Then restart the PAW from inside the status tab.

If you click validate you will still get the 404 error on this line, this is OK, as they validate try to find pmhub parts that is not in PAL at this later versions.

This value is also in the paw.env file, on your PAW linux server. You can edit direct in the file, too.

Change value export TM1ApplicationsLocation=”https://yourservername.domain.com:9511″
The file is in your /ibm/paw/config folder.

Stop PAW with command (from your /paw/scripts/ folder):

sudo ./paw.sh stop

Check if PAW is stopped with command:

sudo docker ps

Start PAW with command:

sudo ./paw.sh

Wait 10 min before you test to browse, to your paw installation in chrome.

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