Clear login dialog when try to login to paw

Planning Analytics 2.0.8 workspace
Microsoft Windows 2016 datacenter

When surf to paw (on a windows 2016) server and you enter name and password for the TM1 native login method. The screen flickers, and nothing happens. You see the blank login screen again.
If you surf from a local computer it works fine, it is only when you surf over a VPN tunnel from a partners laptop, you can not login.
If you surf to the PAW ( from a server, there is no problem – it works fine.

Check your antivirus program – so it is not stopping the connection because it is unsecured.

For example; Bitdefender internet Security can have a policy: Feature: Online Threat Prevention
“Privacy threat blocked
An attempt to send your password unencrypted was about to occur on servername. We blocked the connection to stop your private data from being exposed and tampered with.”

Click on Add to exceptions, and add the PAW server to you internet security programs exceptions list.
Other solution is to add HTTPS to you paw server.

Ensure also that you are not using the same sub-net as the paw docker network. Normally docker paw network is a 172.x.x.x network.
You update docker network in file C:\ProgramData\docker\config\daemon.json with the following contents:
“fixed-cidr”: “”

You need to restart docker.

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