Docker service does not start on Windows 2016

Planning Analytics 2.0.8
Planning Analytics Workspace 45
Microsoft Windows 2016 server

After a reboot of the server, the docker service does not start. If you login to server and click on start in the service manager it will start. Ensure that you wait 5 min before testing with “start”.

Suggested Solution:
Check the format of the c:\programdata\docker\config\daemon.json file.
If it contain illegal characters, the docker service will not start.

If you enter docker ps or docker version to see running containers you get this message:

If you check the C:\ProgramData\docker\panic.log you may see this:

Failed to fire hook: The interface is unknown lock: = it did not get the response it needed in time, but windows service will try again in a few minutes,  so wait an see if it starts.

If you check the windows event log, you may see this:

Open the file c:\programdata\docker\config\daemon.json in NOTEPAD++
ensure it looks correct, and do not have any errors.

Debug parameter will write more information in the Windows Event log for Docker. When you have issues with Docker, check the Windows Event log for any errors.

You can copy the text in the json file to this site, to validate

There can be other causes, for this problem, that the docker service does not start.

Ensure that one network cards is prioritize, and that your DNS is working from this server.

You need also at least 4 cpu and 32 GB ram on the PAW server.

More information: