How restore a oracle backup

Cognos Controller 10.4
Microsoft Windows 2016 server
Oracle database 12c

How backup and restore a oracle database (to send to cognos support).

To make a backup run this command:
expdp SYSTEM/password@databaseServiceName schemas=FRANGO directory=data_pump_dir dumpfile=controllerlive.dmp logfile=controllerlive.log

Zip the files before sending them to cognos support.
After unzip the files, restore them using this command:
impdp scott/tiger DIRECTORY=data_pump_dir DUMPFILE=expdp_file1.dmp,expdp_file2.dmp,expdp_file3.dmp,expdp_file4.dmp,expdp_file5.dmp,expdp_file6.dmp,expdp_file7.dmp,expdp_file8.dmp logfile=log01.log SCHEMAS=FRANGO

Replace scott tiger with your user/password for your oracle database.
“data_pump_dir” should be your folder where the unzipped files are stored on your oracle server.
Change the name of the dmp file to match the filename you are using.
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