How to install Controller web

Cognos Controller 10.3
Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 Server
Microsoft SQL 2014 server

Surf to controller web give blank page. If you try to surf to http://localhost:9080/fcm.web/login instead of http://servername:9080/fcm.web/login it works fine.

Ensure you surf to FQDN and that is in your Trusted Zone in IE. Local intranet zone is not good enough. You must surf to

How to install Controller web:
During installation on your Cognos Controller server select to install the controller web parts.
This will create the folder C:\Program Files\IBM\cognos\ccr_64\fcmweb

Locate the file server.env in the C:\Program Files\IBM\cognos\ccr_64\fcmweb\wlp\etc\ folder.
Open the file server.env and set the JAVA_HOME installation directory to JAVA_HOME=C:/Program Files/IBM/cognos/ccr_64/fcmweb/jre/jre.
To synchronize Controller Web with Uniform Data Language (UDL) files defined for databases used by Controller, run SyncDBConf.bat as an administrator from the command prompt.

SyncDBConf.bat takes two parameters:
The UDL files folder: the path to the folder containing UDL files (specifying database connections) defined for Cognos Controller.
The datasource folder: the output path for the folder that shall contain the data sources generated from the UDL files.
For example:
C:/Program Files/IBM/cognos/ccr_64/fcmweb/SyncDBConf.bat       ..\Data     wlp\usr\shared\config\datasources

Locate the file in the C:\Program Files\IBM\cognos\ccr_64\fcmweb\wlp\usr\servers\fcm.web folder.
Open the file and set the login mode to loginMode=NATIVE.

Optionally you can change the available memory.
Locate the file jvm.options in the C:\Program Files\IBM\cognos\ccr_64\fcmweb\wlp\etc\ folder.
This is part of that file;

# Java Heap size.
# In production, setting min and max to same value can provide the best performance by avoiding heap expansion and contraction.
# But high min value increases startup time, which may be undesired in a dev environment.

Create a Microsoft Windows service by running the file install_service.bat in the folder C:\Program Files\IBM\cognos\ccr_64\fcmweb\install_service.bat.
In the Windows Services console find IBM Cognos Controller Web and start the service.
Log in to Controller Web via your browser using the following url: http://[]:9080/fcm.web/login.

The Controller web server name must be in TRUSTED ZONE in internet explorer.
Go to the Control panel on your workstation – click on internet options.
Click on Security tab
Mark Trusted sites and click on Sites button.
Enter the name of your Controller web server and click add. You may need to untick the “require server verification for all sites in this zone”.

You must surf to

If you surf to you get a message like this

IBM WebSphere Application Server
Context Root Not Found

Close IE and try again with correct address.

If you surf to you get a message like this
Update Available. Click to download WebSphere Application Server Liberty Runtime

Do not update – close IE and try again with correct address.

If you change the Cognos controller databases, after the initial configuration of IBM Controller Web, then you need to stop the Controller Web Windows service, before you run SyncDBConf.bat again to collect the new database definitions.

To make Controller WEB work with CAM (Cognos Access Manager) :

You must configure IBM Cognos BI to not allow for anonymous authentication. You must also specify the Controller Web settings as below.

In the Cognos BI installation folder, /templates/ps/portal/, create a file with the name variables_CCRWeb.xml.
The content of the file variables_CCRWeb.xml must be as follows:

<CRNenv c_cmd=”http://controllerservername:9080/fcm.web/cam_login”>


<param name=”cam_passport”/>



Locate the file in the C:\Program Files\IBM\cognos\ccr_64\fcmweb\wlp\usr\servers\fcm.web folder.
Open the file and set the following properties:

biUrl: the URL that the user must go to when CAM authentication is needed. This property is only valid for CAM login mode.
biDispatchEndpoint: the endpoint to which Controller Web connects to validate CAM users and CAM passports. This property is only valid for CAM login mode.
loginMode: the authentication type. The accepted values are: CAM and NATIVE.

This is how it can be in the file;

# =====================================================================
# OCO Source Materials
# BI and PM: ccr
# (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 2004, 2009. All Rights Reserved
# The source code for this program is not published or
# otherwise divested of its trade secrets, irrespective of
# what has been deposited with the U.S. Copyright Office.
# =====================================================================

# See for current details

# global grace period before revalidating cache (milliseconds). Default: 6000 ms (if not defined)
# cache.validation.graceperiod=6000

# Examples:
# applicationID=fcm.web
# realtime=true
# jms=false


# @TOKEN@ elements below must be transformed during deployment to match actual installation.
# Login mode can be set to NATIVE or CAM.
# Examples:
biUrl= /ibmcognos/cgi-bin/cognosisapi.dll
# loginMode=NATIVE

# eof

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