What containers should be running for PAW?


Planning Analytics Workspace 88  (file version.ps1 in folder paw\config contains a version number)
Microsoft Windows 2019 server


What containers should be running in a working PAW installation?


Start powershell as administrator and enter command:

docker ps

This will list all running containers – should be these:

CONTAINER ID IMAGE                                                               PORTS                        NAMES
b6874749d0a5 9080/tcp                     prism-platform
5f104714f851              8082/tcp                     bss
a946de8db063>80/tcp,>443/tcp pa-gateway
83e22e0be1f8     8083/tcp                     neo-provision
6d11be2a5fd7         9060/tcp                     neo-idviz
e8c3bd52ca54       9082/tcp                     monitor
bfa3ef090459         1338/tcp                     wa-proxy
fb7bd169d5b3     9666/tcp                     async-service
fef9418814e5    9110/tcp                     share-platform
afaeb58c897c 9080/tcp                plan-service
b84bc681967b        3000/tcp                     paw-ui-api
31ac3574ea06        3333/tcp                     user-admin
5e55f009d40f         9080/tcp                     glass
8dc5e074265d         9076/tcp                     atlas
5d482449ac97     9090/tcp, 9100/tcp           prism-proxy
59b615950e2b               5984/tcp                     couchdb
1c0305d7d945         9700/tcp                     share-app
010ac1fac8db             27017/tcp                    mongo
481b8cb26b29        9600/tcp                     prism-app
78709cb2d0d1      9085/tcp                     palm-service
545cf6eb986f 9191/tcp                    pa-content
61093630f145             6379/tcp                     redis
4e149a0ae6ea           8080/tcp                     cdn
927748e22277       9070/tcp                     share-proxy
8004ed0c651d   9610/tcp                     pa-predict
0b084764c655          1339/tcp                     tm1proxy
394e473a354d         8888/tcp                     admintool

Command docker images will list all installed images, should normally be these:

REPOSITORY                                       TAG                  IMAGE ID     CREATED      SIZE cdd1118734aa 7 weeks ago  5.35GB        3.0.9788-ltsc2019    eda31db65292 2 months ago 5.27GB          3.0.9788-ltsc2019    e30ce3e584eb 2 months ago 5.34GB     3.0.11099-ltsc2019   ad0700244d5f 2 months ago 4.77GB     1.0.605-ltsc2019     7c0f57f0564c 2 months ago 4.71GB       1.0.605-ltsc2019     30028e59100d 2 months ago 4.72GB      1.0.1098-ltsc2019    bc188fbdba7e 2 months ago 4.71GB  3.0.2365.2-ltsc2019  1af1c76c5ebe 2 months ago 5.66GB       3.0.5536-ltsc2019    149080a8fc2d 2 months ago 4.73GB    1.0.340-ltsc2019     5870fb15710e 2 months ago 4.76GB        1.0.411-ltsc2019     301bf315ca8b 2 months ago 4.63GB             1.0.1397-ltsc2019    16a9f3403a03 2 months ago 5.32GB        1.0.1020-ltsc2019    d365a00fbcb0 2 months ago 4.73GB      1.0.260-ltsc2019     9e3f8ca98062 2 months ago 4.82GB   1.0.387-ltsc2019     f7e111569a61 2 months ago 4.82GB  1.0.1054-ltsc2019    6dabd0bfa755 2 months ago 5.34GB      1.0.737-ltsc2019     e4ea0b9f71cf 2 months ago 4.82GB   1.0.392-ltsc2019     7c04066c0fed 2 months ago 5.35GB         234-ltsc2019         7832c5ecc13c 2 months ago 4.93GB       9.0.982-ltsc2019     6847d7d6725d 2 months ago 5.55GB 1.0.2023051901-ltsc2019 04c8517f2f3a 2 months ago 5.28GB       1.0.340-ltsc2019     428093815025 2 months ago 4.72GB 1.0.310-ltsc2019  bfa8b7dcb3f4 2 months ago 4.73GB   125-ltsc2019         f012ea094ed4 2 months ago 5.31GB  1.0.425-ltsc2019     9ff87c1b417a 2 months ago 5.29GB        1.0.342-ltsc2019     caf9f295cdcb 2 months ago 4.71GB           1.0.206-ltsc2019     c5f67bbdafc5 2 months ago 4.64GB           1.0.205-ltsc2019     852817ecb6fe 2 months ago 4.85GB       225-ltsc2019         7d2f0cc5bd1f 2 months ago 5.11GB    1.0.835-ltsc2019     85873eaa9a40 2 months ago 4.62GB


If you are missing a image, the installation have failed. If not all containers is running, then you may have issues with your Anti-virus software.

Uninstall Trellix/McAfee and reboot server and try again to install PAW.


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