CCLMsg: system text=’Argument value is null’

Planning Analytics 2.0.9
Microsoft Windows 2016 server

After upgrade of Planning Analytics you get a error when you start Performance Modeler.
CCLMsg: system text=’Argument value is null’

On your computer, uninstall Performance Modelere from Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features.

Then install it again manual, from folder D:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\tm1_64\webapps\pmpsvc\rcp_installs\PerformanceModeler64.msi

To make the installation be for all users, run it with this cmd command as administrator
msiexec /i “d:\install\pm\PerformanceModeler64.msi” /L*V “d:\install\mypm.log” TARGETDIR=”d:\Program Files\pm” ALLUSERS=1

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