could not logon with to CAM with user

Cognos Controller FAP version 8.5.1
Microsoft Windows 2008 server

When doing a IP (initial publish) for datamart in FAP get error “Could not login to TM1, host …. Server name: …. User name: …

If you have the mouse pointer over the error message a screen tip will say
“could not logon with to CAM with user: tm1servername to ClientCAMURI http://cognoscontroller…..

The CAM user we try to connect to the TM1 cube is not set as ADMIN in the TM1 cube.

The TM1 cube security is changed from 1 to 5 in the tm1s.cfg file to allow access from Cognos Connection and use of the Cognos Access Management (CAM) users. But we have forgotten to set the CAM user to be ADMIN.

Possible Solution:

Start Tm1 Architect and open the TM1 cube for FAP.
Right click on the TM1 cube and select Security – Clients/Groups.
Find the CAM user in the list and mark ADMIN under Administrative Group Assignment.
Click OK
Exit Tm1 Architect.

Try to publish again in FAP program.