error when you try to save changes in Cognos Configuration for TM1

Cognos TM1 10.2.2
Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Server

[ ERROR ] The cryptography information was not generated – error when you try to save changes in Cognos Configuration for TM1.

When you first save Cognos Configuration for TM1, after a new installation of TM1, the crypto keys are generated. If you at that time have the values for Content Manager URIs set to localhost, then the keys will be created with use of the Cognos TM1 services.
If you later change this value, IBM Cognos Configuration, Environment – Gateway URI or Content Manager URI, to a Cognos BI server host – then when you try to save the configuration it will contact that server to check the crypto files – because they are not generated from that BI server, the process will fail.

If you have set the values to localhost in Environment – the recommendation is to keep them that way later too. Then there is not a crypto demand with Cognos BI at this point.

If you have set the values to a Cognos BI server the first time, then you need to ensure the Cognos BI server is up, and that you can reach it from the TM1 server when you make the “save” in Cognos configuration.

Test by copy the URL from Gateway URI and paste it into Internet Explorer on your TM1 server – to see if you have network connection to that services.

If Cognos BI is stopped before the save – in TM1 Cognos configuration – then the save should work – because the local certificates should be used. But this is not always the case.

If you are going to use a BI services on the same Windows server as you have Cognos TM1 installed, then you must install the Cognos BI service first. Because if you use localhost and there is a Cognos BI service on the localhost server it (Cognos BI) will be used for the keys.

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