Cognos BI fix pack installation is slow with antivirus software on the server

Cognos BI 10.2.2 fix pack 7
Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Server

Running the installation program for Cognos BI and Cognos BI fix pack are very slow. The program stand still a long time at same step.

If you look in task manager you will see that the process using more than 25% of the CPU are MsMpEng.exe Antimalware service Executable. The System Center Endpoint Protection program is installed and set to have real-time protection on the server.

Antivirus software will always slow down the copy of files during installation of Cognos Programs. It is recommended to turn off Antivirus software during install and exclude the Cognos program and subfolder from the real time scan on the servers.

Installation of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Server Updates 7 took 3 hours with Microsoft anti-virus software turned on instead of a few minutes when it was turned off.

If IT department do not want to turn off Antivirus on servers, work around is that you can try to install both Cognos BI and Cognos TM1 at the same time but to different folders. This will gain you a little time.