An error occurred in authentication

Cognos TM1 10.1.1
Operations Console
Windows 2008 R2 Server

Can not login to Operations Console using a CAM id.

An error occurred in authentication

You must enter the namespace id before the username;
like this LDAP\kalle instead of entering kalle
You can check the namespace spelling inside TM1 Architect:
Login to TM1 application from Architect
Right click and select security – client/groups
Then in the left username field you see how you should write the username to operations console.

LDAP is replaced by the Cognos BI namespace name you created in Cognos Configuration for BI.
kalle have to be replaced by your user name.

More information from IBM:
The current documentation on installing and using the Cognos TM1 Operations Console 10.1 does not explicitly state that CAM is not supported for authentication when logging on to the Operations Console. You must use native TM1 authentication to log on to the Operations Console.

However, though native TM1 authentication is required to log on to the Operations Console, the Operations Console can monitor any TM1 server that is configured to use CAM to manage user access.

Additionally, though you can monitor a TM1 server that is configured to use CAM, you cannot use the Operations Console to kill a thread for such a server. The Operations Console allows you to kill threads only for servers that use native TM1 authentication.

“For the error “An error occured in authentication”, if the user does not have enough free connections this error will be generated. Operations Console (OpsConsole) takes up an extra port, so if the user only has, let’s say 2 connections allowed, and they are already logged in to Perspectives and also to TM1Web, then their 2 connections are used up so they will get this error when attempting to log in to OpsConsole. Check the MaximumPorts for the user in the }ClientProperties cube to verify if this is the problem. If not practical to increase the maximum number of ports, then the user will need to log out of one of the other applications in order to log into OpsConsole.

That error can also be caused if the user is not using the correct namespace. This should be the Namespace ID that is noted in Configuration Manager, not the name of the namespace that is outside of Cognos BI. For example, if there is an AD namespace (outside of Cognos) and the Namespace ID is Cognos, the login to use would be Cognos\username (Cognos\jdoe) not AD\username.

For “The specified group does not exist on the server”, this would only be an issue if using CAM authentication. There is a defect where this error occurs if the group being used is the alias for the group rather than the actual name of the group – doing this will generate this error.

For example, if the group Cognos\Everyone (the alias name) is used in the OpsConfig.xml and then used to attempt to log in to OpsConsole, this error will be encountered. Instead, it is necessary to use CAMID(“”), which should not generate the error. The defect asks for this to function the same as the username, which requires the alias and not the actual name (just the opposite). At this writing there is no target date as to when this may be fixed, and no APAR was generated because this was detected in-house, not through a customer. The workaround suggested should allow functionality.”