Cognos TM1

Cognos BI

Windows 2008 R2 server


User is unable to deploy a Contributor app due to an error. Can not publish any application from the TM1 application web design in Tm1 performance modeler page to Cognos connection.

Error message:

An error occurred while creating Cognos objects: CAF

Det uppstog ett fel under uppdatering av cognos objektet: cmHeaderFault


Possible Solution:

To be able to publish to Cognos Connection you need rights there. If everyone is part of the system administrator group, then there often are no issues. But after you secure the Cognos connection portal, you need to add the users who should publish items to the Cognos connection to the group system administrators or group authors.


Surf to Cognos Connection

Go to Administration of Cognos Content

Click on security tab

Click on Cognos namespace

Go to system administrators group

Click more

Click set members

Click add

Click you domain namespace

Click search

Enter the name of the person who uses the tm1 contributor

Click search

When you find the person, select person and click the arrow to add him to the group

Click OK

Click OK

Test again to publish from Tm1 application web.