Data Movement part is missing in Cognos Configuration

Cognos Planning 10.1.1
Windows 2008 R2 Server

New installed Cognos Planning Job server the Data Movement part is missing in Cognos Configuration.

After installation only Cognos Planning Server ( from file pln_srv_10.1.1_win_ml.tar) on a new Windows server that is to be used as a planning job server, inside IBM Cognos configuration program under Environment – IBM Cognos service
there is only these components properties to set to true or false:

Dispatcher service enabled?
Planning administration console service enabled?
Planning data service enabled?
Planning job service enabled?
Planning Web service enabled?

Install also Cognos Planning Admin tools (like analyst from file pln_adm_10.1.1_win_ml.tar) on the same folder.

Then when you start IBM Cognos Configuration you have “Data movement service enabled?”
under IBM Cognos services – Component Properties.

Recommend to only have these three components on a dedicated Cognos planning job server active:

-Data movement service
-dispatcher service
-planning job service

In case you will be using admin links to import data from Cognos framework manager packages, then you also need to install the Cognos BI files on the Cognos Planning job server. Then you also need to have more Cognos services enabled on the Planning job server.