Not enough system resources to display completely


IBM Cognos Controller 10.1.1

Excel 2010

Windows 2008 R2 Server

Citrix Server


When you start Microsoft Excel 2010 and open a large xls sheet, you get a error message.

You have changed from Excel 2007 to Excel 2010 recently.

Error message:

Microsoft Excel

Not enough system resources to display completely.


Possible Solution:

This strange behavior can be solved sometimes by erase temp files, see below how to do this:

You need to be administrator on the computer, to do many of the steps.


Deleted all temp files by:

Go to Start menu

Select Run

Enter %temp% in the box and press Enter

(mostly this is c:\temp)

Delete everything from this folder


Cleared Recent Docs List & Lower Number Displaying:

Start Excel 2010

Select File menu

Select Options from menu

Select Advanced

Scroll to Display category

Change number of recent documents.  To clear the list, set this to 0 and save.  Set it to a low value, like 5, to prevent it from happening again.


Delete files from the following folders:

Some of the folders may be hidden, so you need to active “show hidden files” in Windows Explorer.

Go to control panel

Select folder options

Select view tab

Mark “show hidden files, folders, or drives.”

Click OK.

Start windows explorer again.


Local Service:



Network Service:






Above can solve your problem, if there is still problems, check if Microsoft update 2597166 is installed, and if you remove that – it may work.


More information:

After your changes, you can also repair you Microsoft Office installation

Go to Control Panel

Go to Add/Remove Programs

Select Office 2010

Right click and select Change

Run Repair

Test the XLS file again after you have cleaned the system as shown above.