saved excel file does not contain cognos formulas

Cognos Controller 10.1.1
Microsoft Excel 2010
Windows 2008 R2 server

After upgrade to new version of Excel 2010 on the Citrix servers where they have Cognos Controller client installed, the xls files saved from Cognos Controller link, contain values instead of only the formulas as they did before.

In excel you import values from the company result from Cognos Controller application.
Then you want to share your Excel sheet, that contain Cognos Controller formulas, with your Cognos Controller college. So you place the XLS file on a file share in the network.
If someone else open the XLS file in there Excel – they should not see values only the formulas.
Because they have not installed Cognos Controller client, they can not update the excel sheet with values.
In this case, we notice, that the XLS file contain the company result values in the XLS file.
This is not what we wanted. How to change it ?

Inside Microsoft Excel you can turn on or off the function that excel save the value with the formula in the XLS file when you save it.
Open Microsoft Excel 2010 program
Click on File menu
Select Options
Select Advance
Scroll down to the formulas section
Untick “Save external link values”
Click OK
Now when you save a XLS file to a file share, the values is gone.