BI reports they do not show names that contain local characters

IBM Cognos BI 10.1.1
AIX server
Oracle database

You run cognos BI reports, but they do not show names that contain local characters like åäö.
The åäö is replaced with blank, or the product name is not show at all in the report.

Only exist on AIX server with Oracle database using Cognos BI 10.1.1
Can be because of how the Oracle database regions settings are configured.

Possible Solution:
In the profile for the service user account running the Cognos BI service, you need to set a variable to tell Cognos to use a different language for data it fetch from the database.

On AIX this is set by parameters in the .profile file for the user running the Cognos service.
Log in as root user on AIX server.
Go to the HOME folder of the user account.
Open the .profile file in text editor.
Add this line below # Cognos specific configuration line:

export NLS_LANG

Save the file.
Restart the Cognos service.

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