Could not open specified application

Cognos TM1 9.5.2
Windows 2008 R2 server

When you are inside TM1 Contributor web site and click on “update application” icon you get a error message. You can start the TM1 application, it is only the Admin dialog that does not work.

Error message:
Connecting to server application error
Could not open specified application

The TM1 application have not been successfully installed to the new TM1 contributor server

You need to do this steps if you want to move a complete TM1 application between servers.

How to export a TM1 contributor application from PROD server:

Open the TM1 Contributor Portal.
1. Mark the application to export.
2. Click Export button.
3. Click Save on the File Download dialog box.
4. Navigate to the directory where you want to save the export file.
5. Click Save.
This create a zip file of your TM1 Contributor application.

Go into TM1 Architect and open you TM1 application – select SAVEALL.
Exit TM1 Architect.
Stop the TM1 windows service.

Zip the datafolder for your TM1 application on the PROD server.

Copy the ZIP files over to the other TM1 server.

How to import a TM1 contributor application to DEV server:

We assume you already have a TM1 application here, that you only want to update with data from the other TM1 server.

If you allready have a application in the TM1 Contributor application with the same name, you need to delete it first as Administrator in the TM1 Contributor Portal on the DEV server.

Stop the TM1 windows service.
Unzip the datafolder files to the TM1 application folder on the DEV server.
Make any changes needed to tm1s.cfg file ( e.g. change server name)
Start the TM1 windows service.

1. Open TM1 server from architect.
2. Run the following TM1 control TI Process: “}tp_admin_delete_all”
3. Click OK on Provide Parameters Values dialog.
4. Exit TM1 Architect program.

Import the TM1 Contributor application as an Administrator in the TM1
Contributor Portal

1. Open the TM1 Contributor Portal.
2. Click import button.
3. The Application Import window opens.
4. Select the TM1 Server onto which you want to import the application.
5. Click Browse next to the Application file field.
6. Navigate to the application (.zip) file, then click Open.
7. Select the Import application security option if you want to import security
settings with the application.
8. Select the Import application properties option if you want to import
property settings with the application.
9. Click Import.

Now you should be able to click on the UPDATE APPLICATION icon.

Any status indicators of the TM1 contributor nodes can be lost during the process.