no such file or directory /utf-8\is_en_rc.txt

Cognos Controller 11.0.12
Microsoft Windows 1016 server


Error message about missing files when doing a upgrade installation of Cognos Controller 11.

Failed to copy file “d:\cognos controller upgrade\cntrl_11.0.1_win_ml\winx64h\./resource/utf-8\is_en_rc.txt” to destination “d:\program files\ibm\cognos\ccr_64\uninstall\./resource/utf-8\is_en_rc.txt”: No such file or directory.

If you press skip, you get a new message for other missing file.


Check the size of the cntrl_11.0.1_win_ml.tar.gz   file – if it is less than 2 326 187 KB, you have the wrong file. Download again from IBM.

Parts and platforms Details eImage
IBM Cognos Controller 11.0.1 Microsoft Windows Multilingual Required M0DH2ML


A zip file of the size 409 587 KB is wrong.

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