How move planning application database to new server?

Cognos Planning 10.1.1
Windows 2008 R2 server
Microsoft SQL 2008 database

Can not create database to imported Cognos Planning application

Have installed Cognos Planning 10.1.1 on a new server and want now to move the old Cognos Planning 8.4 application to the new server.
Recommended way is to export deployment packages from the Cognos Planning 8.4 administration console, and then import the files in the new Cognos Planning 10.1.1

Take a backup of the Cognos Planning application database on the old SQL 2005 server.
Restore the database on the new SQL 2008 server.
Make the cognos SQL login to be dbowner on the cognos planning database.
From Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
Select the cognos planning database
expand tables and select table dbo.adminoptions
right click and select “edit top 200 rows”
find in column optionid the following 3 rows and erase the value at optionvalue for these
(Consider to update the value for BACKUP_LOCATION to a windows folder on the new SQL server.)
Close SQL Server Management Studio

Go into Cognos Planning Administration on the New Cognos Planning server
Expand datastores down to Applications.
Right click on applications and select Link to existing Applications…
You will get a list of the available Cognos Planning applications databases.
(if the list is empty, you point the datastore to the wrong database server or have not done above change in adminoption table correct)
Mark one of them and enter a application ID in the right column.
(Application ID should only be of A-Z and numbers, and no spaces.)
Click Add

“Your Cognos Planning Application needs to be upgrade from Cognos Planning 8.4 to Cognos 10 Planning 10.1. This is a major functional upgrade and therefore Cognos recommends that you migrate and upgrade your existing applications via Deployments. To proceed with a deployed upgrade press No and refer to the product documentation.
Would you like to continue with an in-place upgrade?”
Press Yes

“Are you sure you want to do an in place upgrade of your Cognos Planning Application? The Application will be updated and will no longer be functional in Planning 8.4. Please ensure that you have backed up the Planning Application database before proceeding. The upgrade components create schemas and tables and populate them with data. Therefore users specified for connections must have been granted privileges to create and drop schemas and tables.
Do you want to proceed with the upgrade now?”
After you ensure you have backup of databases, Press Yes

“The application upgrade to version 10.1 was successful.
You must GTP your applications and set them online before they can be used.”
Press OK.
Expand the Cognos Planning application to –
development – application maintenance – Go To Production Options.
Check Location value to be a existing Cognos connection folder in the new Cognos Planning 10.1.1 installation.
Do a GTP.
Set the application ONLINE.
Repeat above for the other Cognos Planning applications you want to move and upgrade.

Try to upgrade and move the macros and admin links with use of a deployment package.
You need go through each macro and ensure path to applications are correct.

Ensure that your new applications are added to the Cognos Planning job cluster.

More Info
You must create a data store to the new SQL server in Cognos Planning Administration first.

You need also create a Job server cluster, and add your new Cognos Planning servers to this cluster.

You can not use “Upgrade Planning Administration Domain” with Cognos Planning 8.2 or newer installations. This is for upgrading from a older version of Cognos Planning.