What is Include In Report Refresh

Microsoft Power BI


What is Enable Load and Include In Report Refresh in the power bi transform data for each query?



“Include In Report Refresh” means query is automatically refreshed when you press “Refresh” button on the ribbon. “Enable Load” means query results are available for report builder. Otherwise you may use it in your other queries (for example to merge data), but it is not shown in the report builder.

If you have a query that use a other query, that is unchecked “Include In Report Refresh”, then both query’s are updated when you update the first query.

This works in Power BI Desktop but not in Power BI service at 2022, but can have changed. If you unchecked Include in report refresh – The functionality works only in Power BI Desktop and it will not have any impact in Power BI Service i.e. if you refresh report in Power BI service, this will still refresh all the queries even through Include in report refresh is unchecked.


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