Could not open specific application

Cognos TM1 9.5.2
Microsoft Windows 2008 R2

When user surf to Cognos Application Web on the url
Then click on the icon for “update application” in the list they get the error
“Could not open specific application”

The wrong cert file are in user catalog
Copy the new certificates to this folder then it will work for that user.
Cognos Tm1 9.5.2 is not supported, so there is no provision agent.

Copy the new cert to folder D:\NewSSLCerts
Create a bat file with this content:
cd D:\NewSSLCerts
copy /B /Y D:\NewSSLCerts\*.* “%appdata%\CognosRCP\rcp\applications\ModelingADT_8.4.1\bins\bin_8.4.7347.0\ssl*.*”
copy /B /Y D:\NewSSLCerts\*.* “%appdata%\CognosRCP\rcp\applications\ModelingADT_8.4.1\bins\bin_8.4.7343.0\ssl*.*”
copy /B /Y D:\NewSSLCerts\*.* “%appdata%\CognosRCP\rcp\applications\ModelingADT_8.4.1\bins\bin_8.4.7278.0\ssl*.*”

Save the file as d:\updatecert.bat

Update the BAT file with correct path and ” characters.

Create a shortcut icon to that file on the users desktop by putting it in folder
C:\Users\Public\Desktop,   on a Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 server.
Let the user run the BAT file before starting administration of Cognos Application web.

If a new user start the administration program from the Tm1 application web (pmpsvc) in Tm1 9.5.2 he will get the error, but thereafter he maybe can update his user profile on his computer with above bat file.

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