M1MemoryException: Temporary pool exceeded


Planning Analytics

Microsoft Windows 2019 server


TM1 TI process that have worked before, crash now with error:

Error: Data procedure line (0): Exception Occurred during process execution: TM1MemoryException: Temporary pool exceeded

Possible Solution:

Change in the Tm1s.cfg file for your application to have a bigger value for MaximumViewSize, like MaximumViewSize=1000.

Restart the TM1 service, and run your process again.

MaximumViewSize is a per thread limitation.

More information:



By default MaximumViewSize checks individual view processing. For example, if 10 views are processed in a single transaction, the threshold is crossed only if the processing of any single view crosses the threshold. See MaximumViewSize.

With ApplyMaximumViewSizeToEntireTransaction=T parameter set to True, the cumulative memory usage of all views processed in a single transaction is compared against the threshold value. This allows the memory size threshold to catch more transactions that consume large amounts of memory.