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How create a simple check on input values in a TI process?


Ad a IF statement in the PROLOG tab that check the input values against size, simplest to ensure the values entered is real – keep the size correct.

You have parameters the user should enter, then you need to do some simple check that the values entered are realistic.

ProcessQuit will terminate that process. Metadata and Data will not be executed.

ProcessBreak will stop processing the source and proceed directly to the Epilog tab (without returning an error handle to the TI).

More Information: 

This example is simply checking if an element entered into a parameter exists in a dimension using a DIMIX and if it doesn’t, it puts a message in the log and quits the process.

IF ( DIMIX ( 'Location', pLocation) = 0);
sErrorMessage = 'The Location entered does not exist';
ItemReject ( sErrorMessage );