How import a csv file to SQL database one time?


Microsoft SQL server


How to import a txt file to a table inside SQL server?


Download the file you want to import to your laptop or computer where SSMS is installed.

Right click on your database and select Tasks – Import Flat File.

Select the csv file and enter the name of the new table



Set a primary key, and change any date formatted columns to string or correct date format.


Then you can check the new table inside SSMS.

To use a small set in a new table, create a new table first:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Company](
[index] [int] NOT NULL,
[Name] [nvarchar](50) NULL,
[Country] [nvarchar](50) NULL,
[Employess] [int] NULL

Then to copy the data over to that new table use:

INSERT INTO [AdventureWorksDW2019].[dbo].[Company] ([index], [name], [country], [employess] )
SELECT [index], [name] , [country] , [Number_of_employees]
FROM [AdventureWorksDW2019].[dbo].[organizations] 
-- [WHERE condition];


Use [  ] around columns names to ensure they are not misunderstood.


More Information:

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