How list the active schedules in Cognos Analytics?


Cognos Analytics 11
Microsoft Windows 2019 server
Microsoft SQL server


How can i see in a report the schedules that are active in CA11?


The information is in the CA11 Content Store database. You have to make a SQL query like this:

Where ACTIVE = 1


To list all objects name use:

select ob2.cmid, as className, as objectName
from [dbo].[CMOBJPROPS2] p
inner join CMOBJPROPS26 o on p.cmid=o.cmid
inner join CMOBJECTS ob on ob.cmid=o.cmid
inner join CMOBJECTS ob2 on ob.pcmid=ob2.cmid
inner join CMOBJNAMES n on n.cmid=ob2.cmid
inner join CMCLASSES c on ob2.classid=c.classid


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