How see database size in Azure SQL?


Microsoft Azure SQL


How list size of database?


Login to SSMS, go to your database and enter command:

EXEC sp_spaceused;


Not all commands are allowed in Azure SQL, as it is a PAAS solution. See here for diffrences: 

Permissions comparison between on-premises SQL Server and Azure SQL Database


The version of Azure SQL is the latest, and is upgraded automatic, you need to manually upgrade your databases in Azure SQL. Check the version of your database with command:

SELECT name, compatibility_level FROM sys.databases;

Azure SQL Database Compatibility with SQL Server

The version of the SQL Server database engine run by Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instance and Azure Synapse Analytics is always ahead of the on-premises version of SQL Server, and includes the latest security fixes. This means that the patch level is always on par with or ahead of the on-premises version of SQL Server, and that the latest features available in SQL Server are available in these services. 

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