How skip elements that are part of a subset



Microsoft Windows 2019 server


How do i skip elements in a list/view in the data tab from a subset?


If you have a subset named “DonaldsCoffe” that contain the stores-name that you want not to be transferred used in your data tab, in the TM1 TI process.
Use below statement to check if the element exist in the subset, and if it does skip that data.

IF ( DIMIX ('DonaldsCoffe',  vElementName) <> 0); 



In case you use =0 in above IF statement, that is that you will skip all elements that are not in the list.

DIMIX returns the position of the element in the subset list. 0 (zero) means the element is not in the list.

The comparison operators compare values in the formula portion of a rule calculation statement.




Greater than


Less than


Greater than or equal to


Less than or equal to


Equal to


Not equal to

To compare two string values, insert the @ symbol before the comparison operator, as in the following example:

IF (‘A’ @= ‘B’,0,1) yields the number 1.


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