Cognos BI service does not start

Cognos BI 10.1.1
AIX server

After you have apply Cognos BI fix pack 1 the Cognos BI service does not start.

More information:
Instlog folder show version tl-BISRVR-10.1-6235.144
cmplst.txt file contain line:

You have installed from media bisrvr_aix64h_10.1.1_ml.tar.gz

The fixpack you have downloaded and try to install on AIX is
file CBI_10.1.1_AIX64_FP001.tar.gz from

Copy the file bootstrap_aix64.xml from a clean RTM installation of Cognos BI 10.1.1
and replace the new file in the server where you have installed the fix pack.

The file are in folder /opt/IBM/cognos/c10_64/bin64

After you have replaced the bootstrap_aix64.xml file with the old one, then the Cognos BI service should start.

The bootstrap_aix64.xml you should use are 2971 bytes in size.

This is only a issue on AIX, on Microsoft Windows the Cognos BI fix pack works.