ERROR [fap.service.schedule.Scheduler] [schedulerThread], Something severe has happened

Cognos Controller FAP service 10.4.2
Microsoft Windows 2019 server

How do i know if the FAP service stopped working, even do the windows “IBM Cognos FAP Service” is running?

Suggested solution:
Ask the IT department monitor team (splunk) to collect the log file from the FAP service on the TM1 server.
You find the file error.log in folder D:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\ccr_64\Server\FAP

Let there tool scan the file for the keyword ERROR, and if that is found send a e-mail alert to the TM1 people. Next step would be to check the TM1server.log file for more clues. Then they can stop the FAP service and restart it. Also recommended to do a FAP Initial publish at this time.

If the stop have been long, they may need to also do this;

There are 3 main components for FAP:

  1. Microsoft SQL Server for the Controller machine
  2. FAP TM1 Server on the TM1 machine
  3. FAP Service Software on the TM1 machine

If any of these machines needs to be rebooted or taken offline for any reason – the order in which the FAP related services is important.  If either TM1 server or database server is shutdown or rebooted – the FAP service on the TM1 server must be restarted.  The order is important – the FAP Service for the Controller server must be started last.

If the ram memory on the TM1 server is to low – you can see this in the error.log file

| ERROR [common.persistence.retry.RetryInterceptor] [pool-2-thread-1], Trial 1 failed for method refreshMdxHierarchy
Caused by: Could not create stub TI process: refreshMdxHierarchyProcess….

If the network make FAP service loose contact with the SQL server – you can see this in the error.log file

| ERROR [fap.service.schedule.Scheduler] [schedulerThread], Something severe has happened…..

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