XQE-GEN-0002 on upgrade report

Cognos Analytics 11.1.7 fix pack 2
Microsoft Windows 2019 server


When run some reports after a upgrade from previous version you get a error like this:

XQEGEN0002 An unexpected exception occurred: java.lang.StackOverflowError.

Report validation is OK but when you try to run it as HTML report you get a error.

Possible solution:

Check the report specification for any item or function that is common for the reports that does not work.

Can be that you have a filter in the Query parameters that you need to remove from the report to make it work.

You need to remove one part of the report at a time to find what part of the report specification that can give you the issue.

More information:




standard-deviation From the old Cognos 8
Returns the standard deviation of selected data items. The keyword “distinct” is available for
backward compatibility of expressions used in previous versions of the product.
standard-deviation ( [ distinct ] expr [ auto ] )
standard-deviation ( [ distinct ] expr for [ all | any ] expr {
, expr } )
standard-deviation ( [ distinct ] expr for report )
standard-deviation ( ProductCost )
Result: A value indicating the deviation between product costs and the average product cost.