New users can not login to Cognos Controller

Cognos Controller 10.3.1
Microsoft Windows 2016 server

New users can not login to Cognos Controller. The client program stop after selection of database.
There are no error messages.

The new users are on a different company, that have there own Windows Domain. When the cognos controller client start up, after selection of database, it talks to the Cognos Analytics server even do you use NATIVE security, as it will run the Cognos Reports on the CA server.
If Cognos Configuration is setup with only server-name and not FQDN (fully qualified domain names) e.g. then the client computer can not find the cognos server and time out.
There are no error messages.

Workaround is to at the new company create a DNS alias, so that server is accessible within there domain. If CA11SERVER.COMPANY1.COM should be reached from COMPANY2.COM you need to create a alias in DNS server at COMPANY2.
Alias name: CA11SERVER
FQDN for target host: CA11SERVER.COMPANY1.COM
This give a computer on COMPANY2 domain can browse to CA11SERVER, as it is found in the DNS.

Solution is to setup Cognos Configuration with FQDN always.

You can use this URL to test access to server in a browser (replace servername with your servername)

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