Process fail for non Admin users

Cognos TM1 10.3 in the cloud
Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 Server

When user run a TI process from a button on a web sheet (TM1WEB) there is a error “Process Fail”, but if a ADMIN user run’s it then it works.
There is no error in log files.

The user does not have READ rights on the TI process.

Login to TM1 Architect as ADMIN
Right Click on Processes and select Security Assignments
Go down to the line for your TI process.
In column Cognos\Everyone_CAMID(_Everyone)
Click OK

By setting READ people in that Security Group can run the process.

More Information:

With the later TM1 10.2.x versions you have a function called
Data Reservation modes
Data Reservation modes allow you to configure the Data Reservation feature depending on how you want to control write-access to your data. When you enable the Data Reservation feature for a cube, you choose one of the available Data Reservation modes.

The available Data Reservation modes include:

Off (OFF)
Required (REQUIRED)
Required Shared (REQUIREDSHARED)
Allowed (ALLOWED)

You can create a TI process with this value in PROLOG to set the value to blank for your Cube:

sValue = ”;

cellputs ( sValue, ‘}CubeProperties’, ‘Demand Plan’, ‘DataReservationMode’);

Change ‘demand plan’ to the name of your Cube in the TM1 application.