Transformer batch mode switches in Scheduler

Transformer batch mode switches in Scheduler

Solution Description
Command line switches are required to run transformer in batch mode from Scheduler.

From the On-Line Help:

You can use command-line options to

? run Transformer in batch to create or update PowerCubes,
? run Transformer in batch and update the model with new categories generated during the category generation process,
? change the current date setting so that relative time calculations in batch cube creation are based on a specific date,
? use different preference settings or preference files,
? open or delete checkpoint files,
? supply database signon information, or

? change the degree of detail for log file messages.

The syntax is

trnsfrmr -<option> <model_file>|<MDL_file>


? The command-line syntax is not case-sensitive for Transformer running under Windows.
? Command-line options that take arguments cannot contain spaces between the switch and the argument. For example:

trnsfrmr -r 2 july.mdl is not valid, whereas
trnsfrmr -r2 july.mdl is valid.

? You can combine command-line options. For example:

trnsfrmr -n -i
trnsfrmr -i -t19932

The ? (question mark) in the extension .py? is replaced by the character that is used in your release of Transformer.

? The space character is used to separate multiple command-line options. Therefore, if any of the arguments contain spaces, you must enclose them in double quotes. For example:

trnsfrmr -n -kfield three=CarlosR/pw462 is not valid, whereas
trnsfrmr -n -k”field three=CarlosR/pw462″ is valid.

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