chmod: cannot access ‘/srv/proxy.key’: No such file or directory

Cognos Analytics 11.1.5 Jupyter notebook
Linux Red Hat Server 7.7

During setup of SSL(TLS) support on the jupyter notebook, we can not run the build script.

Error message:
chmod: cannot access ‘/srv/proxy.key’: No such file or directory

On the linux jupyter server. Connect to it with PUTTY or WinSCP.
Open the Dockerfile_hub file (it is in the folder where you unpacked the jupyter files e.g. /ibm/jupyter/dist/scripts)
check that after first “USER root” command there is this command line;
 COPY build-tmp/hub  /srv
if it is not, add it and remark out the same command line later in the file.

Save the file.
Then go to the /ibm/jupyter/dist/scripts/unix folder
Run ./

if there is no errors
Run ./

Then continue with the setup of SSL for jupyter notebook.

More Information on how setup HTTPS for jupyter notebook: