This version of Controller requires database version

IBM Cognos Controller 10.2.1 fix pack 3
Microsoft Windows 2012 Server
Microsoft SQL database

How do I upgrade the Cognos Controller Client to newer fix pack?

If you get error message like this when you start Cognos Controller, then you are missing some step in the client upgrade.
“invalid database version.
This version of Controller requires database version: 949”

“System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request. –>
“System.Exception: Invalid column name ‘ExcelFileFormat'”

On the Cognos Controller server you have to first install the Fix Pack.
You download the fix pack from IBM site:

On the Controller server stop all services and run the setup as of this instructions

Then you need to go into Cognos Configuration and click save, and start to start the Cognos BI services.
Then you need to go into Cognos Controller Configuration and on the databases, you need to click RUN. This will start the DBCONV program.
Here you click CONNECT to see the version of the database.
And if needed you click on UPGRADE, more info here:

Click OK and close.
After database is update and Cognos BI services is started, it is recommended that you restart the physical Windows server where you have Cognos Controller installed, to ensure update of COM packages.
You can run command: SHUTDOWN /R /T 10 /F
to force a restart of the server. (check with IT department before you do this).

Then you need to copy the CCRLOCALCLIENT.MSI file from server to a share so you can install the client on your workstation or citrix servers. You find the file in folder;
\program files\ibm\cognos\ccr_64\webcontent\ccr

If you have a packaged installation of the Cognos Controller client in you organization then this is the MSI file you need to give them from the server, to update there package to the new version of the Cognos Controller client.

On client workstation you need first uninstall the previous version of Cognos Controller from the add/remove program dialog in the Windows Control panel.
The New version of Cognos Controller will be listed in Control panel as:
Name: IBM Cognos Controller Local Client
Author: IBM
Size: 234 MB
Version: 10.2.5130.56

Run CCRLOCALCLIENT.MSI to install the Cognos Controller client program.
Click NEXT on “welcome to the IBM cognos Controller Local Client Setup Wizard”
Enter the WSSURL to be the same as the value you have in Cognos Controller Configuration on the Controller server, in tab “client distribution server configuration”. Normal it is a value like this:
And for the HelpURL you need to make a entry like this;
The servername you can find in the Controller Configuration on the Server itself.

Leave the cache dir blank (if you not have used it before).
Click NEXT

You get a new group on the start menu, called: IBM Cognos Controller
and under there you have icon for IBM Cognos Controller
click on it to start the program.

If you get error AAA-AUT-0013 when you try to login, then is the Windows user not added to the Cognos Controller program.
You need to add the windows user to the Cognos Connection group Controller users,
Surf to http://servername/ibmcognos
go to Administration page.
Select Security tab.
Click on Cognos
find the group Controller Users and click on MORE on the right side
click Set Members
click ADD on the right side
Click on your namespace name e.g. AD
Click search
Enter the name of the user, can be only lastname
Set Find text in: Name or description field
Click on Advance, to set:
Method: Contains the exact string
Type: Any
Scope: This folder and its subfolders
Click on SEARCH
if no match found with name try the user network login short name, e.g ROOS
Mark the user name and click on the arrow to add it the list of selected users.
Click OK
Click OK

Then you need to ask a Cognos Controller Administrator to login into the Cognos Controller client, and create an account for you windows user.
Select Create New: User
In the CAM user field. Click on the … to get a list of available users to add.
Select the user to ADD and click on the green icon.
Now the user name and email should be automatic populated inside Cognos Controller.
Ensure the user have the needed rights inside Cognos Controller Limitations tab.
Click SAVE.
Click CLOSE.
Exit Cognos Controller.

Now the new user can start the new Cognos Controller client and try to login again.

More Information: