Cognos Controller 10.4
Microsoft Windows 2016 server

How show a nice company background picture inside the Cognos Controller client?

Take your nice team.jpg picture and copy it to the Cognos BI webserver.
Place the file in folder C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\analytics\webcontent\team.jpg
(that is in most cases the default webserver for CA11)
Start Internet Explorer (IE) from your computer and surf to
Did it work?
Nice, now you have the picture in place.

Now you need to go into Cognos Controller Client.
Click ‘ Maintain – Installation – Local Preferences’
Inside the field ‘Key’ enter the value: startpageurl
Inside the corresponding box ‘Values’ enter the relevant website (i.e. the one that your web designer has created for this purpose), for example:

Please keep the picture small in pixels. You can use a online tool to make the picture less than 1024×768 pixels.
Click save.
Close Cognos Controller client program.
Login again, and now you should have the nice background picture inside Cognos Controller.

The value is stored inside the local file C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Cognos\ccr\ccr.config

<add key=”startpageurl” value=”http://ca11servername/ibmcognos/team.jpg” />

If you want to prevent users to have this, you enter this in Cognos Controller Client:

Logon as a super-user (administrative) account
Click ‘Maintain – Configuration – General’
Click on tab ‘Server Preference’
Inside the field ‘Variable Name’ enter the text: ENABLESTARTPAGE
Inside the corresponding box ‘Variable Value’ enter the value: F

This will prevent the use of this function for the Controller users.

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