CFG-ERR-0103 Unable to start IBM Cognos service

Cognos Analytics 11.0.12
Microsoft Windows Server 2016

After a reboot the Cognos BI Service does not start.

Error message in Cognos Configuration:
CFG-ERR-0103 Unable to start IBM Cognos service. Execution of the external process returns an error code value of ‘-1’.

Error message in Windows services when starting is that the password is wrong.

Possible solution:
A group policy have removed the service account for Cognos, from the local windows policy:
“Log on as a Service”. Add the Cognos windows service account back to the group.
Go to control panel – administration tools
Go to Local Security Policy
Expand Security settings – Local Policies – User Rights Assignment.
Click on Log on as a service.
Click Add user or group.
Add your user, and click OK all the way.

or you can enter the password again, then it will be automatically added to the group.


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