The page cant be displayed

Cognos Analytics 11.0.7
Microsoft Windows 2012 server

When you surf to Cognos Connection in a new setup of CA11 you get different error messages

Surf to:
Error: This page cant be displayed
Make sure the web address is correct
Look for the page with your search engine
Refresh the page in a few minutes

Surf to:
Error: server error in /ibmcognos application
the length of the URL for this request exceeds the configured maxUrlLength value.

Surf to:
Error: The website declined to show this webpage
Most likely causes:
This website requires you to log in

Surf to:
Error: A blank page in Internet Explorer

Go to Internet Information Services Manager
Check if you have set a HTTP redirect on the default web site, remove and try again.
Check if you have bindings on the default web page, if HTTPS is setup to a specific server name. Try with HTTPS set to a blank host name in the IIS Site binding setting.
Check if you have marked Require SSL for the Default Web Site, in IIS.