Nothing happens in TM1 architect

Cognos Tm1 10.2.2
Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 server

Can not connect to TM1 server from other computer, but it works fine direct on the TM1 server to connect from TM1 architect.

Possible Solution:
The Windows firewall is blocking the connection.
This looks like TM1 architect is not responding for a long time and then you are not seeing a list of TM1 applications.

You need port 5498 open to get contact with the TM1 admin service from the TM1 architect client.
You need the TM1 applications port (e.g. 12345) to connect to the application from TM1 architect client.

Go to control panel on the TM1 windows server
Click on Windows firewall
Click on Advance settings
Select inbound rules and click on New Rule on the left
Select Port and click next
Enter list of ports at Specific local ports
(e.g. 80,9300,9080,9510,5495,5498,12345,12346)
ensure you use comma between the port numbers.
click Next
Select Allow the connection and click next
Keep all marked for where the rule apply and click next
Set a name (e.g. cognos) and click finish

Now test again from you remote computer where TM1 architect are installed.

Cognos Controller 10.3 need this ports;
Cognos BI 10.2.2 need this ports;
80,9300,9362 ,25,389,1433
Cognos Tm1 10.2.2 need this ports;
80,9510,9513,5495,5498,12345,12346 + your TM1 applications ports.

If you have all products, then you need to open all this ports between the Cognos Servers.
You need also open port for database connections, like 1433 for Microsoft SQL server and 389 for Active Directory contact.
Port 25 is used for sending mail from Cognos BI.

No port over 65535 is allowed to be configured in Windows firewall.
TM1 sample application Proven_techniques uses port 83333 as default and need therefor to be changed to port 13333.
PortNumber=12345 is for planning sample application.
PortNumber=12346 is for SDATA app, that you use for opsconsole as default login.
PortNumber=9510 is used by CAFE and PM.

You can in TM1S.CFG set a client port number for each tm1 application. Should be used if you have firewalls between server and client computer, or client is a citrix server. This number need also to be open in the firewall.
# Note: Be sure to assign unique port numbers for the server and client message ports. If you have two servers running on the same machine with the same port number, the message activity may cause a system failure.

Best is if you keep a notepad txt file on your server where you enter each TM1 PortNumber and ClientMessagePortNumber, so you easy can see that you not by mistake reuse the same number.

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