An error occurred during the in-place upgrade of your Cognos Planning Application.

Cognos Planning 10.1.1
Windows 2008 R2 server
Oracle database

You get an error message when you try to add an existing application to the Planning store from inside Cognos Planning Administrator Console.
And the Cognos 10 Planning service is shut down on the Planning Admin Server. You need to restart the Windows Cognos 10 Planning service to continue to work in CAC.
Error message:
An error occurred during the in-place upgrade of your Cognos Planning Application.
Please see the Cognos Planning error log for details on the error.
In the Planningerrorlog.csv file (on the Cognos planning server) you will find;
{B581E2FC-7A35-439C-87D4-FE9AD820842D} 2 2014-08-18 10:44:27.256 UTC +120 AppModelAdmin_10 10.1.4074.0 Admin ApplicationStateWriteDevelopmentDefinitionUsingConnection 240 Microsoft Cursor Engine -2147217864 Unable to update the recordset with SQL of: SELECT definition, definitiondt, appstateguid ~~FROM PSC_ADMIN.applicationstate ~~WHERE appstateguid='{520980BF-780D-46E3-9542-AA695B383343}’~~~~The BLOB with 30418 characters was being written to field ‘PSC_ADMIN.applicationstate.definition’.~~~~Row cannot be located for updating. Some values may have been changed since it was last read.
Other errors you can get as a follow up error are;
{04E4AF77-106D-4829-9129-6C9E4FE34EB7} 1 2014-08-19 08:45:17.655 UTC +120 epsTransport 10.1.4074.0 default OSStub.cpp invokeRemoteMethod 180 epsTransport::default::OSStub.cpp::invokeRemoteMethod::180 -2147467259 general exception in try block
{8BD66C73-3272-4073-A8F5-AA5953A4EB70} 5 2014-08-18 19:32:21.256 UTC +120 UpgradeEng_10 10.1.4074.0 Upgrader InPlaceApplicationUpgrade 110 DebugTools_10 -2147417848 Unable to collect error information from underlying component
{459D64CA-9D0D-46F7-846F-E89B5C9AA5C4} 2 2014-08-19 08:37:55.472 UTC +120 ModelHelper_10 10.1.4074.0 Helper UnPackModel 190 ACE2_10.Model -2147352567 Unable to set the EnvironmentID on the Model, this may be because the J Server is not registered.~~~~Unknown error
Possible solution:
The Oracle driver is not correct installed on the Cognos Planning server.
It can be missing components, like Oracle Data Access Components, in the Oracle client install.
Stop the Cognos Planning and Cognos BI services.
Uninstall the Oracle driver, and manually install a new Oracle driver.
Open Cognos Configuration, save and start the Cognos services again.
Test if you can link to existing application again.
In some cases you may need to erase the fields for the PAD connection inside the Cognos planning application database before you can attach the Application to the pad again.
Open Oracle SQL Developer, log in as a super user account for Cognos Planning, and expand you planning application schema ( for example GO_CAPEX_CONTRIBUTOR).
Open the tables and open the data for ADMINOPTION table.
Clear the optionvalue for PAD_NAME, PAD_GUID and PAD_NAMESPACE.
Commit and exit SQL developer.
Run the test again in Contributor Administration Console (CAC).