Data movement service enabled

Cognos Planning 10.1.1 fix pack 3
Windows 2008 R2 Server

After installation of Cognos program, there is not a “Data movement service enabled” in the list of services for the Cognos server.

Recommendation from Cognos Support is to on all Cognos Planning Job servers have this 3 services enabled;
-Data movement service
-Dispatcher service
-Planning job service

You must install Cognos Planning Analyst and the other Admin tools on the Cognos Planning server, to get this value inside Cognos Configuration.

So the Client tools, like CAC and Analyst, must be installed on the Cognos Planning servers.
Media to use are:
pln_svr_10.1.1_win_ml (ver 10.1-6235.51)
pln_adm_10.1.1_win_ml (ver 10.1-6235.51)

More Information: