Cognos Controller users can not login

Cognos Controller 8.5.1

After change to use Cognos 8 SSO with Microsoft Active Directory, you can not login to Cognos Controller Client.

When you change Cognos Controller to use Single Sign On with AD, the first user who login will become the Controller ADM user. This user must then add the other users in Cognos Controller (under maintain – rights – users dialog), before they can be able to login.
You should create a special domain account that will be used as the ADM account in Cognos Controller. Login to a windows workstation with that account and then start Cognos controller client from there.

Error Message:
CAM-AAA-0135 The user is already authenticated in all available namespaces.

The Cognos Controller database does already have other users added – and the account you are trying to use is not part of the allowed list.

Possible Solution:
The database is restored from other environment – where the SSO have worked before.
Therefore the Controller database table XCAMUSER is filled with not working user accounts.

Start Microsoft SQL Management studio
Take a backup of the Cognos Controller database before you change anything.
Open the controller database
Open table XCAMUSER
Delete all data in that table
Close Micrsoft SQL Management studio

Go to the client workstation and try to login again to Cognos controller client.

Other Solutions:
Ensure that the windows user is part of the Cognos connection group “controller users”