TM1 application does not start.

Cognos TM1 9.5.2
Windows 2008 R2 server

TM1 application does not start.
In task manager the CPU usage is at 6% and the tm1sd application have a memory working set of 4840 Kb.
There are no error messages, or any new log files in the log folder for tm1.

You have moved a TM1 application from ONE server to a NEW server.
(this by coping the DATA folder from the old TM1 server)
You have updated the tm1s.cfg file with admin host and port number and log files paths.
You have register the TM1 application as a service with commando:

d:\program files\cognos\tm1\bin\tm1sd.exe -install -n TM1applicationname -z “d:\tm1data\TM1applicationfoldername”

(above path need to be modified to conform with your environment)

You have set the TM1 service to use a windows service account to start the service.

The windows service account is not local admin on the new TM1 server.

Add the windows service account to local administrator group and restart the service.

Start server manager
Go to Configuration
Go to Local Users and Groups
Go to Groups
Open Administrators
Click Add
Enter name of service account
Click Check Names
Click OK
Click OK