How find memory usage of Feeders?

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Microsoft Windows 2019 server


How see memory usage of Feeders and other cube data?

Possible solution:

The }StatsByCube control cube captures information about the cubes in your TM1 application. You’ll need to enable Performance Monitor either by right-clicking on your TM1 instance in Architect and choosing Start Performance Monitor or by adding PerformanceMonitorOn=T to your TM1s.cfg file – the latter change requires a service restart to take effect.

After Performance Monitor starts, it takes a few seconds for the counters to begin writing to the }StatsByCube cube.

When you open }StatsByCube, the most useful view when starting out is to put the LATEST member from the }TimeIntervals in the title and the }StatsStatsByCube and }PerfCubes dimensions in the rows and columns. The counters you want to focus on are Memory Used for Views and Number of Stored Views. These represent the amount of RAM (in bytes) used for Stargate Views and the number of Stargate Views created for this specific cube.

1 Megabyte = 1,048,576 bytes

Memory used for feeders below should then be 458 865 488 bytes = 458 Mb RAM for only feeders. They in most cases does not change.

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