Cognos TM1 9.5.2

Windows 2008 R2 Server



User can not access the TM1 Contributor web site and user can not run Cognos BI reports against TM1 data. But Architect can access the TM1 applications. The Apache TOMCAT service have stopped working.

IT department can not access the Windows 2008, server that run TM1, with Remote Desktop tools, they believe only solution is to reboot physical server.


Task Manager report that the Windows server have free memory and free cpu power.

Error message on TM1 server when you try to start notepad:

There is not enough free memory to run this program. Exit one or more programs, and then try again.


Possible Solution:

If you have tuned your TM1 application, it may be using features that is using windows system recourses more during heavy use than needed.

Remove the following parameter in your tm1s.cfg file:


or set it to


Then save the tm1s.cfg file

Update all tm1s.cfg file you have on your TM1 server.

Execute SaveAllData from inside TM1 Architect (to ensure no data is lost).

Restart the TM1 services from Windows services (to pickup the change in the tm1s.cfg file).

Monitor the TM1 server during heavy load to see if issue is solved.


More Information:

LockPagesInMemory=T locks the TM1 data in memory and take away system resources from the windows system to increase performance of TM1. But the Windows system will get lack of resources on a heavy used TM1 server, and therefore gradual stop the system from working.